Walking The Path

by Rahja B.

September 25, 2013

Today is the first day for me. Just as the leaves fall from the trees to usher in the new season, so do the burdens I carry. Today I have taken the first step – admitting to myself that I do have a problem. I am unable to stop – take-in – the present time and space I am in. I have allowed myself to be consumed by the negative energy that moves about us all. All the things I have written in my blog prior to this are true reflections of how I felt, and what I believe to be true. So, this journey – along this road – is for me to start walking the walk.

One of the truest things I know is:
life will pass you by if you allow yourself to be just a window shopper.

I will start appreciating life more – I’ve created for myself personal holidays that I will observe. So if you see me looking off – I am not sad, it’s just me appreciating the moment I am in.

Things I’m grateful for today:
The touch of the sun on my skin
Waking up even when I craved more sleep
Knowledge of knowing that I need to change

Things I can not live without today:
Rockstar energy drinks
October issue of Oprah Magazine
My notepad on my iPhone